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Caitlin G.

 "I absolutely loves being a part of every event and gets such a thrill out of keeping the energy high and getting guests on the dance floor! I have been teaching dance at a private studio for 9 years and absolutely love any and every opportunity I have to pass along my love for music and finding your own groove. Not to be limited to one form of entertainment, I am also a trained vocalist and can provide a unique and classy touch to any cocktail hour or event by serenading your crowd in many styles of music!".

Sophia B.
"As a party motivator, my job is to dance with the guests and pump them up for the event that they are at. The best part of this job is getting everyone involved and excited about the party and making sure that all the guests have the best time they can. From kids to adults, pumping up the crowd and and ensuring everyone has a good time is what makes every party memorable."
Nicolette V.
"I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. I am so excited by the fact that something that has been a passion of mine my whole life is now part of my career as both a dance instructor and party motivator. Expressing my passion to make other people smile is the best feeling ever!"
Jessica B.
As a life-long dancer, Jessica loves to create an inviting environment for you and your guests. Her excitement and love for dance is sure to liven up your party. She is great at pumping up crowds and bringing fun to any event. Her personality and energy will light up the room, and the dance floor, of course!
Brianna M.
Brianna has been training for years in various dance styles. She is currently a student at Centenay Universtiy where she is majoring in Musical Theatre and continuing her dance training. Brianna loves entertaining at parties to create an unforgettable experience for the host and guests. She has a passion for creating a non-stop, ubeat and memorable night for all. 
Carly B.
"I have had a passion for dance for as long as I can remember, and I love to bring that passion into your party! I strive to fill you with energy that you can let loose on the dance floor and have the time of your life!"
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